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Mom Courage, LLC - "Helping moms to laugh more and stress less."

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"Hi! My name is Andrea Ormsby and I serve moms with a service that understands her, encourages her, and supports her without judgement so that she can laugh more and stress-less."

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Do you have twins?

"It is challenging to juggle life as a professional woman, wife and mom, but only twin moms understand the challenges that fellow moms of twins have to deal with. You feel alone, but I am here for you. Connect with me and choose clarity and relief for yourself so that you can raise your twins the way you should; confidently and joyfully."

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Are you a mom struggling in silence?

Are you active in numerous activities, surrounded by so many people daily, yet you don't have anyone to talk to or connect with about the struggles you are really going through as a mom?

You know what it feels like to live a very empty, lonely, and joyless life. Life as a mom is NOT meant for you to:

  • continue to have a short temper with your kids  
  • watch the arguments with your spouse increase  
  • always be tired, exhausted and frustrated about everything

You don't have to suffer in silence anymore.

Want to cook at home?

You’re a busy mom! Why would you want to cook at home? Maybe you have the same reasons I had:

  • Do you want to incorporate more natural foods in your family’s diet, but do not know how to prepare them or need option ideas? 
  • One of your family members has developed a food allergy that has become a serious concern  
  • Your grocery bill needs to get cut because your family’s budget needs to be reduced  
  • You are tired of calling your spouse on his way home from work to pick up pizza again for dinner  
  • You're tired of the embarassment of not knowing how to cook a meal for your invited guests  

I know what it’s like to run endlessly on the hamster wheel. You feel: Hopeless. Exhausted. Frustrated. Tired ALL THE TIME. But life doesn't have to be like this "just because you are a mom." My twin mom method will help ANY busy mom.  

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Breastfeeding Twins?

Turn your fears into strength. This is your next step.

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