Thanksgiving Know How

Are you STRESSED about cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year?

Maybe you are wondering:

  • What size turkey should I order? 
  • What other food should I include on the table?
  • How much time will I need to get everything ready ON TIME? 
  • What else should I be thinking about to prepare for my guests?

On November 18th, I will be teaching my Twin Mom Method to cooking a stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner. During this 1 hour session, I will guide you through my step-by-step method that I use to cook Thanksgiving for my family and friends each year successfully, without stress. I will also answer any questions you may have to help you prepare for your Thanksgiving meal.

If you are not hosting Thanksgiving this year, or are not concerned about how you will successfully cook Thanksgiving dinner, then this session is not for you.

If you are planning to host Thanksgiving and are STRESSING over the details of cooking it, then join me on November 17th at 2pm as I provide the answers you need to have a STRESS-FREE THANKSGIVING this year!

All participants will receive a FREE copy of the ebook:

"Twin Mom Method: Meal Planning in 6 Easy Steps"

"Twin Mom Method: Cooking A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner"

Only $29 to participate!


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